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You don't need to trade everyday to make money

  • One of my biggest learning as a new trader was that you don't have to trade everyday to make money.
  • The Wall Street casino is open everyday, but you should bet only when odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.
  • Scans, tickers, CNBC, and software's can often lure in to trading.
  • They are like the flashy lights, sound effects, the free drinks and the girls that entice the gamblers in casinos.
  • If you are swing trader. this is especially critical.
  • If you time your swing trading with MM secondary indicators, you would get better results
  • Just because a stock comes in a scan, you should not buy it.
  • Plus I do not believe in this entire concept of spraying your bullets all over the place with small small positions.
  • Wait for good set up to show up and then bet big enough so that it makes a meaningful difference to your account.
  • The waiting for right trade to show up is the most difficult part of the trade.

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