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AAII Stock Screens last 10 year returns

If you study the top performing screens on the AAII site you would see growth screens dominate.

StyleScreen10 year
ValuePiotroski1304%This is the only value screen
which approaches growth screen performance.
Graham 630%
Neff 625
Growth+value O'Shaughnessy
Tiny Titans
1905%This is basically small companies growth screen.
CANSLIM variation.

Zweig1325%Growth at reasonable price
This is CANSLIM on stocks with value characters.

Magnet 839%Growth+momentum+value
This is very similar to Zweig
CANSLIM will capture all these.
The only difference from CANSLIM is that Magnet
emphasises revenue growth instead of earnings growth.

GrowthCANSLIM2767%The best performing growth screen out of all the screens.

Canslim R 613
SpecialityEarnings estimate
up5% plus
1880%This is Zacks Rank kind of growth investing approach.

  • The AAII Stock Screens are based on AAII understanding of these methods.
  • You can study the exact methodology on their site.
  • Currently growth +value screens are doing well.

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