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I have been trading the stock market for over 20 years with varying degree of success. Some years I made tons of money and in others I lost plenty. I always liked technical analysis and most of my buys were based on break outs on high volume. Some of them worked and many did not. Mostly because my timing of the market was wrong and the reason for the buying (and selling) was more a matter of chance than having solid logic behind it.

Over the years I have subscribed to various services and none of them was satisfactory. I kept switching from one to another looking for the golden fleece. I have been Stockbee member since October 2007. Your site is the first one to provide me with clear and concise method to time and execute trades.Your market timing system (Market Monitor) and your explanation and guidance in developing systematic trading method is more accurate and better than all. And best of all, you are not using a black box analysis, everything you do and the logic behind is in the open.

Since I started following things I learned on your site in my trading, instead of jumping all over the place like I used to do previously , now I have a precise method to focus on and the bottom line shows it. Thanks Stockbee. Frankly, I think you charge too little.

Los Angeles, CA

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