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Working People need to be more selective

Working People who want to make money trading and investing face logistical problem due to their job.  Many of them do not have access to trading accounts or trading software during the day. With widespread availability of mobile phones that problem is no more a big issue.

Realistically many working people can not swing trade actively unless they have a job where company does not care what they do.

For working people more selective approach involving only 10 to 15 trades in a year is more realistic. But if you want to be that selective then you need to be very good at picking right stocks at right price. That kind of skill requires some experience and ability to invest serious time and effort in learning about markets.

On the Stockbee members site I run a Working People portfolio for members interested in only selective trading. It uses the Episodic Pivots method to find big explosive moves. It is very infrequently traded. Last year it had only 16 trades and 71% of them were winners giving 42% return.

This kind of trading approach requires extreme selectivity and very good risk management skills. If you are a working person and interested in developing this kind of expertise , read all the posts on Episodic Pivots method.

If you are motivated to make money there are always ways. 

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