Why constant wins are good for beginning trader

We do things that we are successful in or are winners in . We avoid things where we are losers or not successful. That is the inherent nature of human beings. As  a beginning trader learning to trade or someone who is frustrated with his trading it is very important to first learn method that will involve frequent wins.

Frequent wins give you positive feedback and motivate you. Frequent losses sap your confidence and energy. Learn methods that will give you frequent wins early in your trading career. It will help you a lot.

One of the reason swing trading methods are so popular among active traders  is because they give you frequent winners when done right. That helps you stay motivated and focused on trading.

Stockbee Swing Trading Method 

A swing trading method that gives you 60% win rate and average wins are double the size of losses is psychologically make you feel a winner and also build your account.

Stockbee Working People Method

A method that trades infrequently and has only 37% success rate is psychologically difficult to trade for many. Even though it might produce bigger profits.

If you do not quickly find success in trading it is most likely you will give up trading. There are very few human activities where humans persist if they are constant losers. that is why the often given advice of best thing that can happen to you at beginning of your trading is to lose all your money or to learn to lose first is wrong advice.

If you make money in first year of your trading you are more likely to continue with it. If you struggle it is most likely you will give up.

Do not underestimate the power of winning trades to motivate you. If I had not found a winning trade that more than tripled my account in few months right at the beginning of my trading career I would not have stuck around for next 14 years and grown my account multifold.

That is why it is important to have positive strokes from winning trades for traders to be motivated.

So if you want  to learn to trade learn methods which will lead to frequent profits and not methods which do not have immediate feedback.

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