Look for a 800% move in 17 days

Episodic Pivots (EP) is a very specific pattern post earnings that shows up on stocks with years of neglect. 
It is a very powerful pattern which results stock going up 100 to 500% in few weeks or months, obviously our first choice should be the one that goes up in few weeks. On large cap stocks it takes few quarters for them to go up 50% plus.

IDSA A 800% EP move in 17 days
IDSA was another very thinly traded stock with months of neglect. It broke out on earnings day as it had big earnings acceleration and in 17 days made 800% move. I bought on the earnings breakout day. 
Best EP are on low priced stocks with months or years of neglect and that have very low volume leading in to EP. The catalyst leads to buying frenzy and then it goes vertical. If you have small acount focus on these kind of lower volume stocks. Few moves like this can take your small account to a large account in few years.

I have detailed the process I use to find these stocks yesterday. If you are motivated to make money study that and develop your own process flow. 
The trick is to finding something like this is to have a daily set process to look for them systematically. You have to look for the one with blowout earnings.Not many ideas will show up daily like this , but you have to be alert everyday to the possibility of finding big idea like this. 
Large cap stocks attract lot of attention during earnings season and many gap up on earnings , but that does not lead to explosive moves. They go up but not with same velocity. 
Few trades like these in your lifetime can forever change your financial condition. 


DIBYN said...

Your posts are a great source for learning.I was wondering how to differentiate the really good ones from average ones?...on basis of magnitude of earnings or Length of base ..? What is different about the IDSA kind of stocks from other earnings led breakouts?...
With regards

Pradeep Bonde said...

Low float . months or years of neglect pre earnings and triple digit earnings