Where do trade ideas come from

If you develop a well oiled trading machine, you do not need to worry about new trade ideas.

If you have well designed scans to find what you are looking for , you just need to run them daily throughout the trading day and then select trades.
This process starts by setting up everything to catch various kind of opportunities. Some scans you need to run pre market, some during the day, some at end of the day, and some after hours.

From your scans you get possible candidates and then you can act on them. 

If  you are anticipation kind of trader then you will have various scans or ways to generate anticipation lists and then the task becomes easier as you just have to look for your signal on those stocks.

Everyday I run one scan pre and post market looking for big volume movers. From that I generate trading candidates for entry. 

During the day I run 3 scans to find other kind of stocks. The scans throw wider net , and if I find stock meeting my requirement in them , I enter them immediately.

In order to anticipate breakouts I run 2 scans after hours and from that find 10 to 12 candidates for anticipation entry. 

Together these scans offer me sufficient candidates day in and day out. I don't look at what others are doing or look for picks from others. 

If you have your own well thought out setups  you don't need others picks.

If you spend time developing your own edge , you will find same trade that others find through your own scans.

You do not need to rely on others picks to become a good trader. Develop your own trade factory and become a self sufficient trader.

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