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What can we learn from stocks up 50% plus in a month

17 stocks up 50% plus in a month in Telechart Common Stock universe

T o get the list in Telechart, you can use the scan:
Scan: C20 >= 5 AND (AVGC20 * AVGV20) >= 2500 AND 100 * (C - C20) / C20 >= 50
SymbolPrice Price
20 days ago
% change What started the rally
GCI13.598.4860Post Earnings Breakout
RINO 22.9513.5969Earnings+China
SLXP22.8413.8066Drug licencing deal
AM22.8714.0263Post Earnings Breakout
XRTX 13.048.3057Post Earnings breakout
VISN9.025.9153China Sector
LIWA 9.985.5081IPO+China sector
FFBC13.258.1962FDIC deal
SRI8.495.1366Auto Part sector rally
ASPM 12.01 6.7977acquisition
DEER10.256.2883China sector+IPO
ACY19.3712.5554Post earnings breakout

Tow of the most powerful drivers of stock moves in short term are earnings surprise and sector momentum.

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