Working People Bootcamp August Pre work

If you signed up for this bootcamp , here are some of the things you can do to set yourself before the bootcamp which will help you save time

Tools I am going to use :

TC2000 for charting . If you do not have this tool, other free site options will be detailed. All scans I use are done in Telechart during bootcamp you will get a copy of those scans and how to set them up.  

For those with Think or swim a document developed by member replicating the scan will be shared. 

 Atom Finance for finding earnings and sales . A free alternative will be discussed to find same information. Please sign up for it ahead of time to save time .

Koyfin for finding free earnings and sales information

Fidelity Screener : Free to Fidelity customers.

Fidelity Mutual fund screener free to customers

Fidelity themes under screener page to find hot sectors stocks
Finviz  a free tool 

Marketsmith a paid site for earnings and sales. But some of the above mentioned sites offer you similar information free

Thefly for news and analyst price targets . Free version

The types of orders used for Working People are BSLO (buy stop limit orders) , MOO ( market on open) or OPG( opening price guarantee) and trailing stops. Familiarise yourself with setting up these orders in your broker . 

Setting up things ahead of time will help you focus on the learning and you will not be wasting time during the sessions. 

If you need any help with these let me know on easyguru@gmail.com 


Madhuri said...

I wanted to know if there are any more seats left for this boot camp?

Pradeep Bonde said...

yes there are.