June online Bootcamp

If you want to develop enduring edge, dedicate 3 days to get in depth look at methods that work.  Many other members have made them work for themselves.

Note: The Bootcamp uses TC2000 for scans. If you paid for it, ensure you have that setup. I will share all scans for those who signup before hand to save time. Members already have all scans. 

June 5 , 6, 7
 Friday 10AM to 4 PM
 Saturday 10AM to 4 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM

$789 per head seats available non member price

How to Make money trading

Combining position , swing, and day trading to achieve triple digit returns

Making money using breakouts  and breakdowns

Making money using anticipation

Making money using catalyst NTRT MTRT

Making money using Top 25 stocks

Making Money Position trading

Making Money Day trading

Managing trade for maximum profits

How to use TNA TQQQ SOXL LABU TVIX FNGU to improve profits at market  turns.

401 k management For maximised profits   

How to plan and execute a plan for triple digit returns using the stocks with inherent leverage

Lessons from Past advance Bootcamps Presentations

How to develop mind clarity

How to use Visualisation to improve your trading

Previous Bootcamp Feedbacks

gravitarsigma8:01 AM Feb 24th 2020


The morning after the bootcamp, this is what was spinning in my head.

1- market has inherent structure and moves on impulse (momentum burst), to extract $, exploit this 2 - give yourself an edge by selecting stocks that are young, beautiful, drama free. Use 3lynch as template 3 - have daily process, run loops every day. Be organized each day. 4 - improve mind clarity by examining your beliefs, one way is to study each day what stocks moved 5 - doing all things in 1-5, leads to storing and drinking whiskey

These 5 steps are what i woke up to.

gravitartodd2:30 PM Feb 23rd 2020
Awesome Bootcamp! Thanks for all you do.

gravitarrgary2:26 PM Feb 23rd 2020
Awsome EG. Thanks for the amazing Bootcamp !! Helps clarifies a lot of concepts and answering many questions. Wish could meet in person if work schedules allowed in April. but online is nice to have.

gravitarashtrader9:48 PM Feb 23rd 2020
@ EG, thank you for excellent bootcamp session. Your discussion on day 1 about WP and $$ b/o scan+ 9 million was great. Thank you for the insights. Mind clarity session was outstanding too. Thank you.
gravitarsunlight8:58 PM Feb 23rd 2020
@EG Bootcamp was outstanding. I got much clearer about how to trade ants. Excellent discussion on how to raise win rate, I will take that to heart. With the high win rate methods + 9 million + top 25 (and maybe NTRT/MTRT) you provide plenty of means to make good money with setups that (with more practice) should be stress free and easy to find. And good discussion about how to get insight from regular 20% study.
gravitarjeffreyp8:38 PM Feb 23rd 2020
EG Thank you for the bootcamp. As a Working Person on the West Coast you have convinced me that i don't need to look for unicorns to hold for a position trade. You have shown me ways to way make money in the first hour and the last hour.....Now to put a process around it and execute...between ntrt/mtrt, ants, 9mil and dollar breakout more than enough opportunities....
gravitarMedioindio6:59 PM Feb 23rd 2020
I attended the last online bootcamp in Jan and the physical bootcamp in November last year. They were both fantastic and EG is a top notch instructor. The daily calls are also very insightful; always learn something new.

ptab6:58 PM Feb 23rd 2020
EG, thank you for another fantastic bootcamp. There is always a new nugget that I pick up from your teachings even though the topics are similar. I like how you break down the reasoning behind your setups as it further helps reinforce the "belief" in what works. The focus that you put toward working people was very helpful. Thanks.

gravitarMikeB4:57 PM Feb 23rd 2020
EG: Your boot camp dotted my i's and crossed my t's in so many areas particularly regarding ants. I feel so much more confident in my ability to trade them now and will start making my way to mind clarity using only ants to start. You are an excellent instructor and I am so happy I took your Boot Camp. Thanks.

gravitarCarolyn5632:41 PM Feb 23rd 2020
EG thank you for reinforcing the importance of mind clarity and the sheer repetition of processes. GREAT Bootcamp and lots of "ah Hah" moments. Got my ship (that had run ashore) back into open waters and back on course.

gravitarpappu9:54 PM Feb 23rd 2020
@EG thank you for boot camp. It helped me learn fundas very well which is a must for anyone to succeed in any profession. I learned the detailed reasoning and basics of different scans that were mentioned on this website as well as in other videos. Many aha moments and a clear path to few things I was doing wrong in last few months (many aha moments). Will be staying away from unicorns and focus on process of learning and finding great setups for lowering risks for all future trades.

gravitarnyos8:36 AM Jan 20th 2020

Weekend Bootcamp was excellent. Every time we learn new things. Thank you EG for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

gravitarjaybm8:22 PM Jan 19th 2020
Thanks a lot again for an amazing bootcamp. I am so thankful for deciding to joining this online one. As usual, there is always something new to learn in every bootcamp. Reinforced a lot of the concepts. The last session on the mind games topic in particular was great! So inspirational and motivational.

gravitarMasmiguel3:20 PM Jan 19th 2020

What an incredible weekend in the Bootcamp. Astounding work what you do for us. Thank you so much Pradeep!!

Thank you, Pradeep for the amazing two days Bootcamp. I am sure it will help me in improving my results over next few months. You would be happy to note that although I am member of your Stockbee site for past 1 year, I started using the information on the site more actively for last 3 months and over that period my trading account (though small) has grown over 40%.I am looking to build on the knowledge gained in last two days to further smoothen the equity curve. One of the basic thing that I got conviction on in this Bootcamp is the need to enter the stop-loss in the system soon after entering the opening trade.Will be in touch and keep you posted on the progress over next weeks and months! Thank you for all your guidance.


Terrific bootcamp; really found it useful. Sasha

Venky on email

Just wanted to thank you for another very nice Bootcamp.

Although I must listened your videos/webinars/timeline, seems like there is always something new to learn. Also, seems like, at least for me, that it takes a while for the process to get ingrained into your system.

Even my trading has improved a lot in the past 6 weeks, and I have made nearly 20% in during this period


Trader 1 said...

If I join the Stockbee site what will the online bootcamp cost. Thanks

Pradeep Bonde said...


Elson said...

What's the difference when I joined the site vs the Bootcamp?
I can't learn from the site?

Pradeep Bonde said...

You can learn from the site.bootcamp allows 2 way communication face to face and as a result speeds up learning and results.

Unknown said...

Are the online bootcamps recorded? If so, can they be purchased?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes they are recorded