Think 3 days ahead

Closed all my position at profit yesterday afternoon.

This was in last night newsletter.

Situational Awareness

VIX spikes. Typically that leads to pullbacks. Market had reached extremely bullish territory. A 5% to 10% correction possible. Small caps might take a bigger hit in that case, as they were lagging.

401 k wherever I could I locked in profits I closed. 


shyam said...

Hi Pradeep, this could be just 3 day pullback and now continue upside with next trend move for another 1-2 weeks is also a possibility here. If that is the case, do you jump back in or let it run and wait for next pullback to enter it? And also did you see
any hints for 10% correction now?

Pradeep Bonde said...

I see correction of few weeks to months

shyam said...

Ok. Thanks!