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Hi Pradeep,

I have attended almost all of the zoom calls over the past several months and it has had a very positive impact on my trading. The most impactful lessons for me have been 'trade setups' and to 'solve trading problems'. 

I was so mad after the call you did on being creative / solving problems lol, yet it was one of the best lessons. I stopped using work as an excuse for failure and starting finding solutions for my schedule.  Even when calls are repeat topics, I always learn something new and it helps keep confidence high.

Below is my equity curve this year in my active accounts.  My 401k is up 48%. For comparison, I lost 8% last year as I was very new to trading and just doing random stuff.  

It's cool to see on a graph the results of taking controlled risk and trading size when the opportunity is there.


Thank you for taking so much time to help us improve our trading.  I have put a ton of time into learning and being able to focus on what actually works seems to have greatly reduced my learning curve.


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