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Momentum Masters Review

The primary idea behind the book is series of same questions on 10 topics related to trading asked to 4 momentum traders Mark Minervini , David Ryan ,Dan Zanger and Mark Ritchie II.
The topics the questions cover are Stock selection, position sizing , technical analysis, fundamentals, general market, entry criteria, risk management , trade management and psychology.
The book gives you a decent idea about the general approach used by these traders to trade momentum /growth stocks. It shows you how four traders approach same group of stocks and same basic setup ideas differently. Understanding of what kind of styles these people use and their general process is prerequisite to understanding the book , without having that background you may not pick up some of the nuances and difference in style. 
Out of the the four traders Mark Ritchie II is the least exposed in trading blogs and media. Unfortunately the book only hints at his approach and it is difficult to get full ideas about his exact trading from the questions. For the remaining three Mark Minervini, David Ryan, Dan Zanger, they have super saturated exposure on trading media so many of the things they talk about is already been covered multiple times before.
While the book has discussion specific to the question , one of the shortcoming of the book is specific trade examples to illustrate the trade. Only for couple of questions specific chart examples are provided. The other shortcoming of the format used is there are no follow up question on answers which could have clarified some of the answers.
It is a good book if you are already exposed to the traders method, it will give you some additional color to their approach and process. You will pick up some new tactics and nuances used by them.

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