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Why study breadth

If you want lower drawdowns

If you want to maintain sanity

If you want to anticipate turns

If you don't want to panic at wrong time

If you don't want to ride roller coaster of profit and blowups

If you want to make money in retirement account and keep the gains.

Few weeks spent understanding breadth will pay you lifetime dividend.

Good thing about breadth is:

You don't need to be Market Wizard to understand it.

Once you understand the concept you can just using simple scans or using existing resources look at breadth trends daily and take decision.

It does not take more than few minutes to do it.

Start tracking breadth daily and it will start making sense as you would start questioning why is this number going up or down.

Why is this number so big or small...

and so on.

It will put you on path to profitability.

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