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How to train Procedural Memory for trading

Working memory involves the ability to maintain and manipulate information in one’s mind while ignoring irrelevant distractions and intruding thoughts.

That is how traders make money. By trading a method or setups without distraction and making decision based on constantly changing dynamics.

This requires a well trained and developed procedural memory for a setup or trading style.

The simplest trick to training procedural memory is repetition and repetition in high volume and more importantly repetition in high volume at a very compressed time frame.

Intense short duration voluminous practice is best way to train procedural memory. It is more effective if done at a rapid fire rate. The reason that works is when you do things under pressure the brain trains itself to be super efficient.

More than that intense effort done at rapid rate also enhances your confidence as it leads to improvement in your skill rapidly.

This is the principle used to train in US army. US army is one of the largest user of psychological research. If you see books on expertise development many of the studies are sponsored by the US Army.

Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training are the core starting point for all recruits. Both those courses are designed to be highly intense and challenging

The principle applies to anything which involves expertise in life. Train, Overtrain,. Constantly Train. Train under pressure. Bootcamps are the preferred methods in US Army for that reason.

In practical terms if you want to be better trader instead of getting in to endless debates and flirting from method to method or setups you should train and train intensely, and train intensely under severe pressure to master a set of setups.

The Stockbee trading Bootcamps work on that principle. They are intense 2 day sessions where Stockbee members go through thousands of past setups in intensely structured and fast paced environment with constant feedback to build a procedural memory for trading 2 or 3 setups.

Once you do that then you can build on that over the years. most people think trading is something they can do as some part time project with minimum training. It does not work that way. Sooner or later they blow up.

If you want to be successful trader and make millions:


Train intensely

Train intensely under pressure

Train intensely under pressure with feedback loop

Train repeatedly

Train regularly.

Do that if you want to be a successful trader....

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