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Night Time is Right Time

Activities to do after market close to find trading opportunities.

Episodic Pivots

Research all the stocks that show up in Stockbee EP scan to find stock with game changing catalyst with at least 50% potential. 

4% and $ breakout and breakdown

Go through all stocks showing up in Stockbee b/o and b/d scans to find setups for swing trading.

If you have time then you can also go through Range breakout  and breakdown scan to look for swing candidates.

Anticipation Candidates

Run anticipation scans and look for good setups. Create price alert on them either in Telechart or Interactive Brokers. Quickly see if there is any news on them. The one with news can be high priority.

Earnings After the close today

Look for stocks with big earnings surprise that are u 2% plus on 50000 volume after close.

After hours movers

Study these like EP to see if there is any game changing catalyst stock.

Other news plays

Fresh news leads to rallies next day. If you want to day trade those news then look at stocks with news after close.

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