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How to use the morning activity list to find profitable trades

The hunt for both big Episodic Pivots kind trade and swing trade should start in the morning , preferably a hour before market open. In order to do that you need to be organised and focus on few things. 

Anticipation List Bullish and Bearish

Based on your bullish and bearish anticipation scans get your anticipation candidates ready. Create price alert on them either in Telechart or Interactive Brokers. Quickly see if there is any news on them. The one with news can be high priority.

After Hours and Before open movers

These stocks will have some fresh news , that fresh news can lead to fresh start to a swing or a new trend or end of trend. Go through both the list and focus on stocks up 2% plus on 50000 plus volume.
Earnings Stock

Stock with earnings after close or before open are your prime candidates for EP. If earnings was game changer they will show up in your after market and before open scans as they will likely be up 2% plus on volume. Many earnings stocks are best bought in pre market as many times they can make part of the move in pre market itself.

IBD Front Page / New America/ Sector Leader

Because IBD has large circulation and following , it can sometime move a stock. The front page stocks on EP day can be good source of ideas for busy people. Often IBd will mention a stock near buy point and it breaks out next day.

Upgrades and downgrades

Stocks with multiple upgrades or downgrades can often go up or down , if the upgrade or downgrade happens near good setup buy or sell point they can give you good entry in to swing trades.

Unusual Option Volume

When a stock has above average option volume it sometime is indicative of coming rally or drop. Monitoring stocks with unusual volume will give you early indicator of likely big moves.

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