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Understanding momentum to find explosive stocks

Understanding Momentum helps you find explosive stocks and exploit them as swing trader or position trader. As a trader you want to be in stocks that for a given holding period are the fastest moving stocks.

At simples level momentum is rate of change (ROC) with which stock is going up or down. It measures speed of a move. Knowing ROC of stocks allows us to rank them and focus on those with top speed.

Let us say if you want to focus on say only 50 strongest stocks in the market. You can find them if you understand momentum. If you want to narrow your focus and only focus on best stocks in the market , focusing on 200 stocks with most momentum is sufficient to find big moves both for swing and position traders.

Momentum is time specific. In order to find stocks with momentum you must first decide your time frame. A time frame of 3 to 6 month is good for finding momentum stocks.

This stock VIMC currently ranked top by 6 month momentum.It is still holding its momentum gain. Momentum looks for stocks like these. As a trader you  want to find them right at start of momentum move. As swing trader you want to trade swings in them.

A stock can have positive momentum on longer time frame say 6 month but same stock can have negative momentum on month time frame. DGLY is current example of that.

This stock had momentum month ago. Now it has negative momentum on monthly time frame. It is down 45% from it momentum high

How can you scan for momentum?

There are many ways to rank stocks by momentum and every method has some advantages and disadvantages. Once you understand momentum you can use it creatively to find many kinds of stocks

Let us say we are talking about momentum on 6 month time frame to rank stocks

6 month = 126 trading days

Using Telechart we can find momentum in various ways


will give you six month momentum compared to price 126 days ago


will give you six month momentum compared to average price of 126 days


will give you six month anchored momentum compared to lowest price in 126 days


will give you six month momentum calculated as equal weighted 2 period for 3 months

There are many many ways to slice and dice momentum. But all the above momentum scans are used to rank stocks . They help you find relative momentum for a universe of stock.

Most well known and popular  trading methods are based on momentum. A deep understanding of momentum can help you in your trading if you want to be profitable trader. 

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