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Eliminate Processes and methods

There is a diner next to my house, it has menu which runs in to 10 pages with around 10 items on each page. That is like 100 items.

Think about it . 100 items require 100*5= 500 ingredients or more. Plus you need people to know 100 processes.

As against that if you see food trucks , they have 2 to 5 or in some cases just 1 item on menu.

Be like food truck and not a diner.

Trade as few methods as possible.

Just because you know 100 methods do not trade 100 methods.

Learn from them and incorporate some learning in your method. but do not start trading too many methods.

Less processes you run easier it is

Less is more when it comes to trading.

Just trade 1 to 3 methods.

Do not clutter your mind

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