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Many entry techniques

If you are a swing trader you have choice of many entry techniques. A stock if traded for momentum burst kind move of 3 to 5 days can have many buy points. 

It can be bought :

  • on weakness in established trend
  • in anticipation of breakout
  • on breakout day
  • post breakout on narrow range day
  • by pyramiding
  • by putting predetermined order at a price
  • by buying at predetermined lower price than current price
Different traders use different approaches and are comfortable with those approaches. More you experiment with various entry techniques more likely you will find something that works for your specific constraints. 

Working people have many constraints and if they want to make money trading they need to find an approach that fits their lifestyle. Getting exposed to variety of entry and exit techniques will help you decide on your approach.

Different kind of stocks also require different techniques. Low liquidity stocks and low float stocks tend to work best as breakout trades. Higher capitalisation stocks can be traded using mean reversion. Young trends need breakout based methods. While established trends and mature trends offer many kinds of entries. 

If you are serious about making money in the market expand your knowledge of various entry techniques. 

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