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13 swing trading setups

At the beginning of a explosive swing move of 3 to 5 days there is range expansion. Range expansion kicks off the momentum bursts.

Everyday I run 3 scans to look for range expansion. On any given day you can get around 100 to 300 stocks having range expansion. But not all of them are good candidates.

Using a checklist of criteria we look for highest probability setups out of them. That is a skill developed over time.

If a good candidate shows up in scan at 9:30 it is entered as soon as it hits the scan.

Some of the good setups from last nights scan are:

  1. ANAC
  2. SGMO
  3. NLNK
  4. TASR
  5. UEC
  6. CNTY (open position)
  7. MRTN
  8. FRO
  9. BRCD
  10. NVDA
  11. FRF
  12. LH
  13. DUK
The list will be published daily. 

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