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11swing trading setups for today

Some of the actionable swing trade setups from yesterday's scans:

  1. MTB
  2. ECOM
  3. CTXS
  4. AKAM
  5. NYMX
  6. AE
  7. ROG
  8. DXPE
  9. ALG
  10. NP
  11. CTRL

This list will be published daily for the benefit of Stockbee members. For best result you should learn the philosophy and structural logic behind these setups and build your own method.

If you have your own scans and do this intraday, you will get in to these kind of setups during the day itself. Become a self sufficient trader. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to learn to swing trade using simple techniques. All the information for building methods for swing trading is in public domain. If you are motivated enough you will find it for free.

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