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10 swing trading setups for today

With market breaking down from range, it is time to look at both long and short setups. At the beginning of swing moves of 8 to 40% there is range expansion. This is structural phenomenon in market. Stocks with momentum tend to move in direction of range expansion in short term.

Everyday we run 3 bullish and 3 bearish scans to look for setups. Not every candidate that shows up in scan is a buy or short sell , but stocks that meet a checklist of criteria are good candidates.

The list below shows some good setups on long and short side and also include ETF.

Long swing trade candidate

  1. TZA
  2. PALL
  3. AGQ
  4. PBR
  5. BALT
Short swing trade candidate

  1. STX
  2. SNDK
  3. WDC
  4. AGN
  5. MPC
The list will be published daily. 

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