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Member Feedback

A email from one of the members who is finding greater success in his trading:

Hi Pradeep,

See February results below.  It was a very good month (for me), considering the market and my approach (cautious).  I did not reach my 'new' monthly goal, and my average win vs. average loss worsened slightly.  But I am getting a little better at committing more $$ per trade when the market/my mind permits.  Most positions taken were half size, and as you can see from my win/loss ratio and ave size of win/loss, I took profits quickly, and tried to cut losers even quicker.
You are responsible for most of my gains, your methods and your message.  I did sign up with Tumbler, although I knew going in I am not the type to have 3-5 open day trading positions at one time.  But, he is very successful, and I reasoned that I can learn something from his methods that will help me and my way of trading.

My approach continues to evolve slowly.  I use STIB, inside days, narrow range days, with a little volume analysis thrown in.

Who knows what March and the rest of the year holds in store for us, I can only continue to be true to our methods, keep my mental attitude correct and see what happens.

Thanks for all you do.


February Trades
66 winnersTotal $Ave Win2.85%on amount 
46 losersTotal $Ave Loss-1.53%on amount
Total Net% on 100k


Sunil said...

who or what is tumbler?

Pradeep Bonde said...

He is a member who specializes in trading news.

hef said...

Nice job Pat..appreciate you sharing your results ..good or bad it gives me a benchmark

hef said...

Nice job Pat..appreciate you sharing your results ..good or bad it gives me a benchmark

baldski said...

Pradeep can you ask Pat to expand further on his trading strategy? I am confused. He says he did sign up with Tumbler but he was not the type to have 3 - 5 open day trading positions. He is showing a total of 112 trades for February which is an average of 5.9 trades per day. Is he holding these trades overnight? Six trades per day average is substantial trading in my book.

Pradeep Bonde said...

He is trying out day trading so high number of trades.