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Best bull years and worst bear years

Best bull markets

Bull moves of 30% plus are relatively rare. So once market goes up 20 to 25% your antennas should be up. But most people do exactly opposite. They are super duper bullish at that stage. Many become bullish at that level.
Study every bull and bear market in history. Make it part of you. You will gain perspective and not listen to people who say market is about to fall 50% plus.

24 bearish years in last 85 years

Worst year was down 43. 2008 was second worst year in history.
Everyone should maintain this database. It helps you better understand the market moves.


Aerirprown said...

This reminds me, just the other day I read an article in my local newspaper that said small investors were getting back into the market. Time to get out I guess.

mike said...

It looks like we are overdue for 25-30% return - the last one we had was 1997.