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Two years of bull move

Birth of a new bull move

Stockbee Market Monitor Timing Model

Two years ago it started and keeps climbing. After a correction it might keep climbing more. Probably another 2 year or more.
As of now markets are in volatile range for last couple of days. Dips have been bought and so market continues to churn at this level.
Below the surface there are everyday breakdowns in stocks leading the action so far. Technology stocks and copper stocks have declined. There has been pockets of buying. News related and earnings related moves continue.
The market will have its test today. Overseas markets had a bit of bloodshed. We will know the real strength of this market if it gaps down and then recover and recovers big.
Either way we have been coiling for a big move up or down. Let us see how it unfolds....


Mark Feldman said...

that's a neat chart - do you still maintain that ?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes. It is maintained daily.