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Panic in overseas market

I was awaken by a panicky call from someone who has still lot of exposure to market. Which anyway I find difficult to understand in light of Market Monitor signals and our ongoing discussion for last couple of days.
 By the time the US market opens there might be lot of change in situation. There might be some stabilizing comments by Fed also. So we will know what exactly happens.
If you study past market panics and big drops, they always happen after breadth has deteriorated.. They don't happen when breadth is healthy. This drop is happening right near a recent high so it is difficult to guess how much selling might happen. If the market was already down 10% plus and then there was a panicky sell off it would have been a good buy opportunity. 
No matter what happens first rule of the game is to stay in the game. Risk management is number one priority. As most members who follow Market Monitor are anyway likely to be in full cash I don't think it should affect you.
I am in full cash since last week. 
Such panic offer good opportunities for short term day traders. So they should all be geared for the increased volatility.
As of now I don't think we might go in to full panic mode in our market. That is my gut feel. 
Overall this might be good time to study the Market Monitor timing indicator and understand the rules of risk management well.
As a trader your number one priority is to stay in the game. That means avoiding certain market periods when risk can be high. 
Everyone has different risk profile so some might still be fully invested or on margin . Those people have very high risk tolerance. If you follow their advice then don't be surprised when shit hits the fan.

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