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Weekly Market Analysis Video

This video deals with :
  1. current market analysis
  2. Sector Strength
  3. Leading Stocks
  4. Buy watchlists
  5. Stockbee buy zone ratings


Mike said...

Mr. Bonde,

Thank you for the video. It is very helpful to see the why behind the system you are using.

You mentioned using the top 50 price and value list for us working folks.

How would you use this? What method would you trade?

For example look at the list, buy five names and then wait a week or two checking after each market close?

I guess I can't see the steps to become successful if I look at my positions once a week by using this system.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Sort the list by one month growth. Look at stocks which had lowest month growth. Look for buying breakout on those stocks.

Prosperous Trader said...

Mike, there are various entry and exit strategies that can be used to take advantage of the lists generated by Mr. Bonde. Some types of trades last only days, and others may go weeks or even months. You need to find and use a strategy, or strategies, that fit the time frame and resources you have to trade with. You then tie that part of your trading plan in with the lists Mr. Bonde Generates.

The information Mr. Bonde puts in his blog is some of the best you'll find on the web. A lot can be learned by reading the archives of the StockBee blog that go back several years. If you read through many of the older posts you will probably find ideas about trading strategies that will work for your situation. ~ Best of luck!