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Top Ranked Stocks Watchlist

dcummisky is a long serving member of and the Market Monitor graphs are created and hosted by him. He also makes available the earnings database daily. 

During the market correction he collaborated with me to create a  focused list of Sector momentum and Value momentum stocks. 

These lists are generated by using a composite momentum calculation. 

Top 50 stocks ranked by Sector and RS combines the sector and individual stock momentum and then ranks stocks by it. 

Top 50 Stocks Ranked by RS and  Price to sales is composite ranking which creates a momentum plus relative p/s rank. So essentially these are value stocks with momentum. 

He will be making both these list available daily on his site The Patient Fisherman
We will be adding more such lists in near future.

New Watchlists with Top Ranked Stocks

In collaboration with Pradeep Bonde at we have created two new watch lists that update daily. These watchlists rank stocks using research based characteristics that push stocks to higher prices.

1. Top 50 Stocks with Price and Sector Momentum 
The best performing stocks in the best sectors.

2. Top 50 stocks with Price and Value Momentum
The best performing stocks with the best value.

Dan is a Telechart database, PCF,  excel, and Google spreadsheet wizard. If you want anything custom done, he is very good at it. He can design any custom application for you if you give him specification. I use his services often. 

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