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How to use IBD to stay on top of growth stocks

  • Everyday first thing in the morning I prepare a one page summary of IBD ideas.
  • The basic objective of this is to  generate watchlist of growth stocks.
  • IBD is primarily focused on growth and momentum investing. 
  • It ranks stocks by earnings and price momentum and focuses on top 15% stocks by both.
  • If you do this daily you are on top of trends in sector, growth stock, IPO, and international stocks trading in USA
  • This is especially helpful for better analysis of Episodic Pivots opportunities. 
  • The benefit from this activity is cumulative, as you do it more you get to know more and more growth stocks and how they behave and sector trends. 

Note: 100/25 f 25 funds 20 to 40.
 If you see something like this in my notes it indicates a stock had 100% eps growth and 25% sales growth in latest quarter and float was 25 million and its fund ownership has gone up from 20 to 40 in last 4 quarters. 

SectionKey PointsWatch
Front PagePrivate hiring cooled last month
Hungary: our books are cooked
The Big PictureStocks plunge putting uptrend in peril
Distribution day
A distribution day one or two days after FTD will kill the rally.
History has produced some rallies that recovered after such a blow.
IBD methodology is based on historical precedent analysis.
So they give examples of past such rallies after big distribution days.
To The PointMATK beats by 13 cents. 
The New AmericaAVGO within 9% of high.
APEI: Wal Mart contract could spell influx of students
for online school
Wal Mart to subsidize workers education.
Low fees of 750 to 850 per course.
No campus and no advertising.
This is in EP scan on Friday.
Industry SnapshotHSP: Hospira benefits from Baxter recall.
Maker of infusion pumps and generics.
Recall of Baxter has given HSP and CFN a entry in many customers.
Once pump in place more drug can be sold.

Newspaper firm struggle in digital era.
Industry on recovery path.
Mobile devices like Kindle and ipad might help
Advertising down and readership down.
Largest holdings of growth fundstpx cxo aapl etfc f prxl esrx msft a wcrx ffiv nuan ibm
fnf cim cyh csco oxy cbst dsw
IBD 100black border stocks
bidu lulu cmg deck
Some ibd 100 stocks show troubling action.
Investor's CornerBeware of bases with much distribution
IBD 197 group rankingI monitor Top 60 stocks from top 20 sectors daily
using the method i shared earlier.
IBD Industry ThemeMed insurers and gas producers gain for week
Rectangle stockslulu meli isrg  vit lope med bidu cybs epb  
Stocks in the newsStocks that rise while market falls are worth studying
dgit uhs sam hmin vmw
Daily Stock Analysisctsh
International Leadersabv hlf  yzc infy bvn avgo mrvl caas  wx meli bidu gold hmin vit fmcn

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