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Top ranked 50 stocks by momentum and value


In collaboration with Pradeep Bonde at we have created two new watch lists that update daily. These watchlists rank stocks using research based characteristics that push stocks to higher prices.

1. Top 50 Stocks with Price and Sector Momentum 
The best performing stocks in the best sectors.

2. Top 50 stocks with Price and Value Momentum
The best performing stocks with the best value.
If you see the last 1 week performance of stocks in these lists, you would see that most of them outperformed the market. 
The lists allow you to do better vehicle selection. Vehicle selection is just one part of the trading and investing puzzle.
To use the lists better you need to understand vehicle timing for entries and exits, risk management, stops selection, and market timing.
Each of these area is a vat area of study for itself. If you are really serious about your trading or investing you should master those elements. 
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