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Leaders breaking out

Market Monitor

Market resumes its rally
after a pullback.
Earnings season currently on.
Focus is on Episodic Pivots

Daily# of Stocks Up >4% on high volume409A breadth thrust catches some off guard.
Daily# of stocks down >4% on high volume 51After multi day gains in index a pullback
might be logical.
Primary# of stocks up >25% in a quarter2061
Stocks have held up well during correction.
So many first phase leaders have started
second leg of the move.
Primary# of stocks down >25% in a quarter570
Secondary#of stocks up >50% in a month10
Secondary#of stocks down >50% in a month4
Secondary#of stocks up >25% in a month96
Secondary#of stocks down >25% in a month21
Primary fast MM 34/13 + 2226
Primary Fast MM 34/13 - 1896

Top ten stock by Dollar Volume up 4% plus on high volume
hgsi bidu cat x lvs vale v tck hal etn
Top ten stocks by Dollar Volume down 4% plus on high volume wft har tsn asbc safm infn
asca orb ddss

  • Current focus is Episodic Pivots EP and that too earnings EP only.
  • Currently there are so many opportunities for 20% plus kind of swing trades.

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