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How to find stocks using IBD 100 and IBD 200

On the IBD 100 and 200 list use the scan:
( 100 * (C - C1) / C1) >= 4 AND V >= 1000 AND V > V1 AND ((100 * (C1 - C22) / C22) <= 10 AND (100 * (C1 - C11) / C11) <= 10)

Ths scan output is then further narrowed down.

MethodScan outputPossible BuyVerdict
IBD 100ffiv vprt ttek din cern cri abvt
din cern cri abvt
abvt is best out of the four
abvt open position
IBD 200ffiv vprt mv cri abvt mv cri abvt
abvt is the best
abvt open position

IBD 100/200 and DT and MDT checklist
This checklist helps you narrow the scan output to the best options out of the stocks meeting scan conditions.

For the selected stock ABVT the checklist was:
Criteria Where to get informationABVT
Relative linearity Telechartgood for previous move
Closeness to 6 month high % Telechartat high
Volume surge 50%+ Telechartyes
Prior day narrow or negative Telechartyes
+4 b/o in prior 5 to 10 days Telechartno 4% b/o0
-4% b/o in prior 5 to 10 days Telechartno -ve4% b/o
Float in million Telechart8 million
IBD EPS ratings 95 plus IBD80
Recent EPS acceleration IBDno
Sector Top 25 IBD7
Recent catalyst Moneycentral or Finviznyse euronext service
Earnings due IBD7/28/09
Recent IPO Telechartshifted from BB recently
EPS growth 40 plus IBD693%
Sales growth 25% plus IBD20%
Margin IBD15.8%
ROE IBD16.7%
Verdict Thinly traded.
open position
Like ABVT all the stocks undetgo a cheklist to narrow to nly few oportunities. ABVT was identified as a buy intraday and was entered in afternoon.

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