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How to use technical analysis :-)

Most traders are devote followers of technical analysis. Many only know technical analysis. So in current market what do these traders see. 

 What are the major topping formations: 

  1. Head and shoulder
  2. Double Top
  3. Triple Top
  4. Complex Top
  5. Line top
  6. saucer top
  7. Extended V top
  8. Inverted triangle
  9. Key Reversal
  10. Island top
  11. Exhaustion gaps

These are the major topping formations according to most technical analyst. These kind of formations are seen in stocks after a bull move. So typically such formations are seen on stocks in Double Trouble list. As of now there are 1700 stocks in DT list. Or you can see the list of top 15% stock by MDT ranking, that is stock with 85 plus MDT rank. Do you see such topping formations in them. 
If yes show me 100 such stocks with these formations . If you cannot find such formations then what kind of formations do you see in them. 

What are major continuation formation

  1. Flags
  2. Pennants
  3. Triangles
  4. Wedges
  5. Diamond
  6. Breakaway gaps
  7. Runaway gaps
  8. laps
  9. High activity days
  10. Cup with handle
These are the most common continuation patterns. If you see the stocks in either DT universe or stocks up 25% plus in a  quarter majority of them are showing such continuation patterns currently. 

What does that tell you, after a first up leg most stocks are now forming continuation patterns. They have higher probability of breakout to upside post such patterns. 

Even if the market corrects here these stocks are just basing and will b/o post a correction. So why don't the chart monkeys see these  patterns. Because they are not operating from charts but a hypothesis that "how can the market rally if we are in such a fucked up condition".

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The Sound Center said...

Bravo Pradeep!

A corollary might be - remove incorrect positions, without exception.