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RGR breaks out on high volume

This was a stock I highlighted couple of days ago as a stock having a orderly pullback after a explosive move post last earnings. Yesterday it had a nice breakout. If you had bought the pullback , you would be sitting on 15% profit as of end of Friday trading session.
In this market as of now there are so many such 15 to 20% moves happening in 1 or 2 days. Methods like Episodic Pivots, IBD100/200 and Double Trouble and Modified Double Trouble are designed to catch such explosive moves once Market Monitor confirms a market direction. 16Th March is when we had confirmation signal on Market Monitor and since then we have had over 40 explosive profitable trades, trades where stock has made 70% to 15% move in matter of 5-6 days. .
Here is how we handled RGR at Members Site:
Trade Alert (4/15/2009 9:42:00 AM EST)



1% risk

Pullback buy. 


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