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Chinese stocks can make explosive moves

FEED had earnings on 16th March 2009. It made a first explosive move post that earnings. Now it is breaking out again. This is a low priced stock. But generally the Chinese stocks have propensity to make explosive moves on earnings or news. APWR is another example of it. It had earnings news yesterday.
Other stocks making big volume moves as of now are:


Random Walker said...


Is FEED one of your EP stocks? It broke out five days ago on huge volume but it has been going side ways since. What should anyone do with a stock like that?

Pradeep Bonde said...

FEED was a EP on first earning breakout. We exited it with a profit target.
In EP using profit targets works best.

Random Walker said...

I see, the second break out has no catalyst therefore it wasn't an EP break out, correct?

On a side question, when do you enter a position once you spot a break out on volume? I only receives end of day data on my Worden's Block, so I often enter after I've seen the breakout, and miss a chunk of the move. Are there any ways I can find those big moves during the day?

Many thanks.

Pradeep Bonde said...

1 yes
2 Telechart allows you to update as many time as you like during the day.
3 EP catalyst are known before market open as earnings are released in evening or before the open.
4 Intraday scanner allow you to find EP in morning.
5 Getting in early is key in EP as stock can move 20 to 30% on EP day.