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Explosive moves by dozen

Trade Alert (4/17/2009 9:43:00 AM EST)




Posted by: easyguru
Trade Alert (4/17/2009 9:41:00 AM EST)




A trade alert on them went out early morning and by end of day both were up 15% or so. The % in the alert refers to % risk on trade. There are many explosive moves happening currently and if you catch the move early enough, you can make a very good profit. Out at Members Site we had very good day. Some  of the best trades were CBS, DRYS, RGR, CSKI, and PRGN. . CSKI, RGR, PRGN, PSUN, DGIT, MGM, TTC were other trades for the day. Ever since the Market Monitor signaled a trend change on 16th March, there have been number of explosive moves and it has been one of the best periods for trading the methods like Episodic Pivots, Double Trouble, Modified Double Trouble and IBD100/200.

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