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How the FEED trade worked today

So how did the FEED trade workout today. This was a stock on watch for possible entry today and the entry was at 3.69 and we exited part of the position at approximately 15% profit and let rest of it run.
The entry was triggered at 9.40
Trade Alert (4/21/2009 9:40:00 AM EST)

going long



.50% risk


50% of the position was exited at the price of 4.22 for 14.36% profit.

FEED 50% closed for approx 15% profit (4/21/2009 2:41:00 PM EST)


This was a second trade on FEED post earnings. In the first trade we made 29% profit by holding it overnight. 

This market has offered so many such explosive trades. Today the market rebounded from yesterday's selloff and there were several 10% plus high volume moves on stocks. This is as of now one of the best trading market we have seen in last one year. Stocks are making 15 to 20% moves in a day or two. The party might end any day , but till then this is swing traders market. 

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