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The Little Book That Makes You Rich

The Little Book That Makes You Rich- A proven market beating formula for growth investing

Louis Navellier in his book gives a formula for beating the market using growth investing. There are many flavors of growth investing and this book presents one of the approach to selecting growth stocks for investing purpose.

At the heart of the Navellier system are eight variables he has found useful in selecting growth stocks. They are:

1. Earnings revisions
2. Earnings surprises
3. Sales Growth
4. Profit Margin Expansion
5. Free cash flow
6. Earnings Growth
7. Earnings Momentum
8. ROE

These factors are very similar to CANSLIM factors. Obviously he has added more nuances to it, but at the end it is similar to IBD approach. Growth and value form the two spectrum along which most strategies are based. The book leaves many details out and so you will have to rely on the accompanying website to replicate exactly the authors ranking.

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