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Lagging Sectors

MG323,Rubber & Plastics
MG328,Office Supplies
MG332,Trucks & Other Vehicles
MG414,Regional-Southeast Banks
MG417,Regional-Pacific Banks
MG419,Savings & Loans
MG425,Credit Services
MG434,Surety & Title Insurance
MG440,-Real Estate-
MG448,Mortgage Investment
MG449,Property Management/Develop
MG631,Residential Construction
MG731,Department Stores
MG736,Home Improvement Stores
MG752,Building Materials Wholesale
MG762,Rental & Leasing Services
MG815,Networking & Comm Dev
MG823,Technical & System Software
MG824,Security Software & Services
MG825,Information Technology Service
MG832,Semiconductor-Memory Chips

These sectors have witnessed most selling in this quarter. List is dominated by real estate, retail, transport and financial sector.

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