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The art of short selling

With the Market Monitor in confirmed correction mode, short selling and cash are preferred strategies. Here are some of my old posts on short selling:

Mark Boucher on Short Selling

Why there are only three books on shorting

How to find shorts on stocks which are not overextended on the downside

How to find shorts


Bill aka NO DooDahs! said...

Is this post a contrary indicator that the correction is over?

F-Trader said...

Whoa you may have called a bottom with this post.

F-Trader said...

Haha, I didn't see your comment, Bill. Odds are 90%+ that we put in a short-term bottom. Take a look at the blog for more info.

Danny said...

I think he is making these statements based on the market monitor. So, to him, the market may go up, but isn't yet indicating a "buy" signal, in general.

but then again, balance sheets are cash heavy, and it's hard for me to fathom that much of our woes aren't currently priced in.

Mkt swimmer said...

Happy holiday guys!