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Gisele Bündchen signals Dollar bottom

A tradable bottom in dollar might be near.

Beauty deals a beastly blow to the US dollar

The saga of the declining dollar has turned from a drama into a crisis.

We’ve got used to having Chinese officials hinting darkly that they might diversify their foreign exchange reserves out of the US currency, as they did again last week. We can even take it when Bill Gross, the world’s most influential bond investor, tells the public, as he did, also last week, that their investment strategy should consist of not buying anything that has a dollar sign attached to it.

But when Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel, trashes your currency by insisting that she wants to be paid in euros, not dollars, it really hurts.

A dumb model indicator at work. When sentiments reach extreme a bounce is on hand. Short dumb models, long dollar.


Carter said...

I do not have a forex account. How could I effectively go long the dollar through a traditional stocks/options brokerage account? Thanks!

Jon said...

You could short FXE

ETC. Those are basically currency trusts that I believe are really close to the actual exchange rate.


StockRake said...

Yep I agree:
When Giselle starts giving you currency advice its time to sell

Carter said...

Thank you for the help!

Mkt swimmer said...

Is a BIDU A BUY? Anybody? Citibank said so.


Market Swimmer

Tim said...

Mkt Swimmer - Citibank also just made E-Trade a sell (after a long, long drop).

Reason they are called ANALysts.