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Wall Street Radio Interview

Last week I was interviewed by Dennis Olson of Wallstradio. You can hear the podcast on their site: Financial Blog Watch: Episode 23 - Stockbee

In this week’s episode of “Financial Blog Watch,” Dennis Olson interviews Pradeep Bonde, editor of the ongoing blog, Stockbee. Pradeep discusses how he got into trading after working for large companies in both the U.S. and India for over 15 years, what effect his work experience has had on the way he invests, and the additional content members of his site have access to.

Three blogs I highlighted in that interview are:
  1. Trading Goddess
  2. Notable Calls
  3. Daily Options Report


Lisa said...

Sex and stocks, good idea. I know I take your #1 blog listing seriously. Great soft (or not so soft) porn pics, can see why you guys like it.

Semsons said...

Hi Pradeep,

I heard your interview. That was pretty nice, congratulations!.


Trading Goddess said...


I am making some popcorn this minute, grabbing a cold KO, and gonna run over and take a listen to you! How exciting!


And my, my! Thank you for the link love. It is appreciated my friend.

Wishing you many greenbacks in your port!

jedi said...

listened to the interview. very informative. you sound like a good guy with a thoughtful approach to the markets. great job.

Mkt swimmer said...

Congrats on your interview!

F-Trader said...

Well done.

Adam said...

hey, many thanks.