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How the Market Monitor signaled the turn

July 27 th 2007- The Market Monitor signaled market is turning bearish.

August 16th 2007- Market had less than 200 stocks up 25% or more in 65 day time frame on intra day basis, indicating possible bullish turn in market.

September 18 th 2007 - Market Monitor indicated start of a new bull phase. The start of new bull phase was confirmed indicating time to go long aggressively.

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Since the turn market had a roaring rally. The breadth has improved dramatically if you see the August 15 th figure, from 304 stocks up 25% we have gone up to 1418, a five fold increase.

Stocks up 25% or more in a month has gone up more than 12 times from 19 to 240. It has been one of the best periods for trading.

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