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How to trade Earnings

Posted on 10/05/2007
Its back. The money making period is back. Regular readers by now know how earnings period provides profitable opportunities. To profit from this opportunity you need a well thought out methodology.

You can see my past posts on earnings where I have detailed most of the methods.

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Update: As requested by many traders, I have put the previous earnings spreadsheet back.


Tom said...

With earnings this quarter expected to be slowing and tougher y-o-y comparisons, what are the prospects for earnings trades this season?

Can you point us to any good sectors?

Also, won't 2008 and Q4 guidance be more important than the Q3 results in terms of post-earnings drift given the economic climate?


Pradeep Bonde said...

The strategy does not predict what earnings will be . It reacts. The kind of stocks the strategy trades normally ave out sized earnings growth and gap and go on earnings.
e.g LPHI in June
and I can go on and on about trades triggered by earnings release.
It is more suited to aggressive traders, who think through the strategy before earnings starts.
As to expectations of earnings slowdown, well for last 14 or more quarters that has been the prediction and every time it has proved wrong.

Jim Collins said...

OK, so on Friday AeroVironment Inc. (AVAV) announced 55.9% increase in sales and earnings up 181.6%. Would this be a stock to go long on or purchase calls on according to your system?

Pradeep Bonde said...

It was already rallying in to earning. It has to be either showing weakness or neglected with no 4% breakouts for long duration before earnings day.