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Market Roundup

The market continues to pullback. The 50 % plus in month readings on Market Monitor continue to be elevated and that probably indicates more selling pressure or sideways move for sometime. Till now it is a orderly pullback. We are yet to see 300 plus down day.

Yesterday the bullish to bearish breakout ration was 115/202 , indicating buyers were still active in the market. It is still caution time for those holding positions which have moved 30 plus in last one month, especially if such move is in stocks up 100% plus. Being selective with new buys is the key in this market.

With three days of weakness, dip buyers should show up soon. This market has a history of bouncing back from such weaknesses.


Invest101 said...

Two questions please
1). Is there a way to identify VIX or volatility for a sector or industry?
2). You posted a formula to ID dips of the IBD 100. How can you adapt that to Wealth Lab Pro?
Thank you

contrary canary said...

Yeah, after such a good run since the August lows, one might expect the market to consolidate a little here, even pull back some, before the resumption of any more bull market wildness.

Have you checked out the new Fox Business Channel yet? CNBC has some competition.



You have helped me a lot to understand your trading strategy.

Can you in future provide some insight about how do you manage your portfolio.

1) How many bullish or bearing play during different market condition?

e.g. approx 50% on bullish and 50% on bearish or 75% on bullish and 25% on bearish when the market is bullish.

2) Approximate trade size that you prefer and how does it change on trade situation.

3) When can we expect see your name in billionaire group ;o)