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Shorts Nightmare


hector said...

its going to be a interesting day, people running to the hills

Semsons said...

How long do you think is going to las the rebounce?. I plant to use it to exit all my long positions -I've suffered too much these weeks-.
I'm planning to be in cash next Tuesday. That's too long?.

James said...

This is spectacular and unexpected!
I wonder if this marks the bottom of the correction. Will it last?

hector said...

why you held up stocks when the stocks where going down? how do you time your entries and exits? said...

Hi Hector,

I'm basically in mutual funds and ETF's.
I don't have much time for trading and I'm basically a buy-and-hold investor of the value side, so I thought this correction would be like the last one in February. I was wrong, I didn't scape and I've not been able to stomach it.

I guess I could have avoided all this drama using a 1/2% of my portfolio to buy put options of indexes. I'll have to do something similar in the future.


F. said...
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hector said...

i prefer eft's compared to mutual funds, but its your preference, if you are having problems with your timing and dont have a lot of free time, i will recommend a software that i use and is very simple and accurate and have not missed a uptrend and take you out and in of the market, its called vectorvest,its like a crossover between Value Line and IBD. its Vectorvest Express cost 39( :() a month, but it has a timing system 'riding the wave' and is very accurate. Depending which way you look, it gave a out of the market signal in July 23(RT), MTI July 26, so you can imagine how much you will have saved.The same signaled in late february and got you in in late march. Its just a suggestion, but is not free

Semsons said...

Thanks hector,
I'll take a look at it.