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Housing makes it to the cover of Business Week

If you are short housing stocks, its time to cover. What a perfect timing for BusinessWeek to put housing on cover.


# 56 said...

One cover does not a bottom make. Stocks, the internet etc, were making covers 24 months before we put in a top. Lazy conclusion in my opinion, how are we close to a bottom in the cycle? My apologies if you are calling a trade, versus the media awareness indicating the trend has run its course.

Andy said...

I will call a bottom when 5 of the top builder declare bankruptcy or merge to save their A$$ets. Until then we have not even come close to a bottom.

Wait until we have an employment crunch; Then we'll see who is buying this over priced garbage that illegal mexicans are putting together. The funny part is they are slapping 1 million dollar homes together that will fall apart in 15 years.