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Low volume pullback

  • Market continues to be in confirmed correction phase as per 65 days ratio.
  • Market had a pullback on extremely light volume. With most market participants on holiday, it will be tricky market. Most of the action will be choppy and on low volume.
  • China stocks were the star, they have been on tear since the end of down move.
  • Patience is the key at this stage. Markets will set themselves for sustainable move only post holiday.


sean_bu said...

Can you justify what you made on China stocks?

levy13 said...

Pradeep - what are the cutoffs in terms of price or volume you use for 65 day numbers? There must be a minimum of price or volume, otherwise you get penny stocks, how do you determine this?

Pradeep Bonde said...

TC2000 data does not include penny stock data.

F-Trader said...

This is why is said NOT to buy for a longer term play.