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Buyer Strike

There is absolutely no reason to buy at yesterdays level. The buyers who bought the bounce weeks ago in fact had incentive to sell in to Friday strength. So we had a day where market dived on low volume and pretty much kept going down. There were no dip buyers.

The last Friday action was spooky and unexpected. A rally when 65 days bull/bear ratio is negative is always a tactical play. Probability of it failing or retracing is always higher. The market has behaved as per that script so far.

Many headlines were attributing the sell off to Fed meting minutes. But I don't see that as consequential. The market was technically due for pullback and that is what happened. Low volume on this move makes it tricky and by end of week, we might rally back in to recent high.

11 comments: said...

There is something quite odd here,
after the strong pullback of yesterday the European indexes are green. That's very unusual.

Pradeep Bonde said...

It is not odd. In bearish phases volatility is big problem. Volatility makes trading both long and short positions difficult.

The Crew said...


What do you make of this guys analysis???

Pradeep Bonde said...

Not much.

The Crew said...

Well said.

You know out of all the info on the web the two best sites........are free...go figure.


Jack said...

This site is definitely one of the best.

Also, though D. Zanger isn't free he's got some of the best Tech analysis and chart advice in the biz today.

F-Trader said...


Checkout my latest post. I think our ideas are in alignment.


Jack said...


Please direct me to your latest post. (marketminder?)



Pradeep Bonde said...

LooseStrings said...


I love your analysis and am learning so much from your website. I was wondering how you feed such a large amount of data into excel in order to analyze all of the stocks. I currently use TC and find that it is great however, I feel that the flexibility of excel would be extremely advantageous.

Thanks for evereything you do!!

Pradeep Bonde said...

I do not use Excel to do analysis, I have a high end custom developed data analysis software to do it. It uses data from TC2007.